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Acro buisiness campus 

A Cutting-Edge Commercial Hub Located at the Savion Junction, the Acro Business Campus is a modern and forward-thinking commercial center. The design draws inspiration from contemporary international public spaces, featuring a sleek and stylish atmosphere achieved through the use of natural terrazzo and a blend of stainless steel and cold tin metals. With three towers offering office spaces, ground-floor retail, roof-top restaurants, a fully-equipped gym and more, this campus will be a hub of activity. the Acro Business Campus is an innovative and dynamic development poised to revolutionize the way we work and play. Lead architects yms

Type: Office and commerce campus |  Area: 50,000 sqm  |  Client: Acro nadlan
Location: Savion, Israel  |  Status:
Underconstruction  |  Date: 2025 

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