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MAY 2021

Architecture Biennale

Venice Architecture Biennale Presenting the Fattoush culture space that we designed in the city of Haifa

בינאלה 21.jpg

APRIL 2021

Winner of the Resnik Award 

Winner of the Resnik Award for an outstanding project

40 x 40 exhibition for young architects


NOV 2020

Architects scribble Tel Aviv

Architect kfir galatia azulay with "white city and a line" Art installation

שבוע_האיור 2020.jpg

MARCH 2019


curation of the art exhbition Canopies by Eithan dorshav

אפיריונים של איתן.jpg

JUNE 2016

Pop Up Thoughts

Pop Up Thoughts the exhbition by architect kfir galatia azulay

מחשבות על הפופ אפ.jpg

APRIL 2016

40 / 40 The exhbition 

40 / 40 the architecture exhbition for young architects under 40

40 על 40 בית האמנים.jpg

JUL 2016

The Israeli season for design in Holon

Architect kfir galatia azulay with Full Art exhibition in holon

העונה לעיצוב בחולון.jpg

SEP 2015

The 55 most promising architects

Architect kfir galatia azulay selected as one of The 55 most prominent architects for 2015

55 האדריכלים.jpg

JUL 2015


Architect kfir galatia azulay with "LONGING" Art installation at the artists house tel-aviv


JUN 2013


Architect kfir galatia azulay with "Awakening" Art installation at Florentine Contemporary Art Space Tel-viv


NOV 2010


Architect kfir galatia azulay with full art exhibition "Distortedinformation" at The Mishkan for Israeli art

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