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Mackenzei beach hotel 

A Seaside Retreat in Larnaca, Cyprus Nestled along the northern coast of Larnaca, near the prestigious Mackenzie neighborhood, this hotel is a result of a comprehensive renovation of an old apartment building. The interior design evokes a sense of vacation and leisure with bright, airy spaces and light shades of stone, accented by local artifacts. With 35 spacious rooms of different types, including a luxurious presidential suite situated on the roof as a penthouse, every room offers breathtaking views of the sea. We drew inspiration from the serene beach surroundings, crafting an experience that echoes a Mediterranean vacation. Using pure colors, soft light shades, and a blend of sand, stone, and red corten steel. It's all about classic style with meticulous chic vibes, Simple yet sophisticated. Completed

Type: Hotel​  |  Area: 3,800 sqm  |  Client: LIV collection cyprus
Location: Larnaca, cyprus |  Status:
Completed  |  Date: 2024 

macenzie_new_0016 copy.jpg
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