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One of the main goals of the plan is to improve access to and from the city of Kfar Saba. The intersection of Weitzman Street is one of the busiest in the city and requires a comprehensive redesign to better accommodate the needs of drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. The current street section is congested and unsafe, making it difficult for people to move around the city. To address this, the plan will include the creation of a roundabout or a traffic signal to manage the flow of vehicles and ensure safety for all users. This will also help to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and enhance the overall experience of those entering and exiting the city.

Type: Urban planing |  Area: 14.169 km2  |  Client: Kfar saba Mayor / Yuval levi  

Location: kfar saba, Israel  |  Status: Master planning  |  Date: 2018-2028 

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