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Dior Boutique store | TLV

Dior has opened a new Boutique store in Tel Aviv Fashion mall. With around 110 square meters of space, this fashion haven welcomes you through two Wide openings entrances directly from the mall. Step inside to a world that encapsulates DIOR's timeless values, where a harmonious blend of materials and layers is masterfully showcased. From the Versailles-patterned parquet flooring to the exquisite wild travertine stone furnishings, stainless steel, and concrete veneer , every inch reflects the brand's unparalleled craftsmanship. Experience elegance like never before, only as DIOR can create.

Type: Boutique store  |  Area: 110 sqm  |  Client: Dior
Location: Tel-aviv, Israel  |  Status:
Completed  |  Date: 2023 

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