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Spolia jaffa night bar (the cave)

Jaffa, the port city of Israel, is home to a unique and enchanting establishment - the Spolia Culinary Bar. Located inside a 470-year-old Ottoman building, this fusion restaurant offers a dining experience unlike any other. With only 40 seats, the restaurant transports its patrons back in time, providing an immersive historical experience.
The interior design of the restaurant perfectly preserves the ancient stone walls, providing a sense of authenticity that is rare to come by in modern times. The space is divided into two levels, the lower level being the entrance and the kitchen bar, and the upper level being the booth seating areas.

Type: Single story villa |  Area: 650 sqm  |  Client: Single family  Location: North of Israel  |  Status: Under Construction  |  Date: 2023 

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