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The Great unit Apartment

A Living Space for a Film Director The 55m² apartment on the third floor of a 1938 building in Southern Tel Aviv has been transformed into a unique living space for a film director. the space features a large carpentry unit that spans the entire apartment and adapts to the various functions that occur throughout the day. The end result is a timeless Bauhaus-style "living machine" that seamlessly integrates construction technology with the client's lifestyle. The apartment's minimalist design, with its use of gray, black, and white shades, combined with hidden lighting and soft white curtains, create a serene and practical space that is perfect for the director's needs.

Type: Small apartment  |  Area: 55 sqm  |  Client: A young Bachelor Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel  |  Status: Completed  |  Date: 2020 

Peled Studios - Haaliya 47_-152-HDR copy_kfir.jpg
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